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Have you been harassed by creditors?

Despite the protections afforded under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Texas Debt Collection Practices Act, many collection agencies and creditors continue to harass debtors and violate the law in the pursuit of profit. In many cases, your debt will change hands many times before suit is filed against you.

Have your creditors done any of the following?

1. Call family, friends, or neighbors
2. Call your workplace in most circumstances
3. Call you repeatedly
4. Insult, yell, or harass you
5. Make threats of lawsuits, garnishments, liens or arrest
6. Deceive you
7. Mislead you
8. Misrepresent facts
9. Make certain identification disclosures

Have you been sued on a credit card debt?

Debt collection lawsuits continue to flood Texas courts. In many cases these creditors lack the paperwork to support their right to sue and collect on the debt. If pushed to support their claims, they all to too frequently fail to come up with the evidence required by law to support a judgment against you. Unfortunately, these same creditors know that statistically less than 1% of all those served with suit will defend themselves and they will “win by default”. In fact, they are counting on it.

If you are sued in Texas on a credit card debt, you do have options. Despite the underlying validity the debt, you have rights and you may have defenses which could defeat the lawsuit entirely or create a favorable environment for settlement. Let Alford & Muncey, PLLC defend your rights. We treat you with the respect you deserve and do our best to ensure that you are treated fairly.

If your rights have been violated by a creditor or debt collector, or you have been sued on a credit card debt, contact us for a free consultation at (214) 228-0161 or use our online contact form. Alford & Muncey, PLLC will aggressively protect your rights against creditors who see you has nothing more than a number in a file. Put our experience to work for you and protect your rights. Don’t allow your creditors to win by default.